Prototyping Tools

I have been taking “Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman from Udacity. It has been fun. The assignments are not overwhelming. For the last project they asked to design a tool that uses time as money where you can exchange time as a currency on skills. Basically, you need to help others to get time to pay others to get things done. Fun idea. I was surprised that so many people used the hourglass metaphor. When i was working on the wireframes, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Haha! I still think it is but many others thought like me. Course instructors also suggested many digital tools to make prototyping more interactive, especially important while presenting your product. Here is the list:

Hybrid paper/digital tools allow you take a picture of a paper sketch and animate it:
● Pop
● Flinto
● Apple Keynote or MS PowerPoint or Google presentation
● Balsamiq

If you do not know how to code, here are some visual tools that generate HTML5:
● Tumult Hype
● Adobe Edge Animate
● Google’s Web Designer


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