AC230 Summer 2013

Hello AC230 Summer Class!

This is the communication page with you until I get my account with York College. Feel free to comment in the comment area if you have any questions.

Below are the blog addresses for the class:

Student Blog Address
Mashiyat Chowdhury
Pheonia DeQuoy
Reshma Gokool
Vanessa Harrison
Harold Hershman
Zomayra Jack
Victor Lambert
Kim Madura
Melanie Pierre
Sultana Salma

Session 1 – June 3rd, 2013 (Face-to-Face)

Overview: AC230_Overview_2013

Horizon Report 2013 K-12:

Power Point AC230_PowerPoint

Session 2 – June 5th, 2013 (Face-to-Face)

Excel AC230_Session2_Spreadsheet

Session 3 – June 10th, 2013 (Online)

Web Evaluation and Acceptable Use Policy

Please go through the lecture notes and the readings/assignment below.

Lecture Notes_Session 3 Part I: Evaluation of Internet Resources


From Learning Theories to Practice

Lecture Notes_Session 3 Part II: Session 3_Cognition_Computers

Continue the EPortfolio/Blog project.
I suggest you start to work on “Teaching Philosophy.”  In the Teaching Philosophy page, you will need to put your thoughts on the learning theories you support (academic beliefs) and how you’d like to apply them in your class as an educator. If you Google the term “Teaching Philosophy” via the Internet, you will find rich source of examples and tutorials. Here is one:

Session 4 – June 12th, 2013 (Online)



K-12 Learning Standards Regarding Technology and Equity Issues

Session materials:


Please check below the assignment section. There is a lab associated with this session and a reflection assignment.

Session 5 – June 17th, 2013 (Online)

Simulation and Games for Learning

Katie Salen on Learning with Games:

James Gee on Good Games and Good Learning:

Check out the simulations from the links below and think about how you can embed it into your curriculum.
•National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
•Explore Learning- Interactive math and science simulations


SmartBoard ideas:


Make sure to read/watch the course materials for this session. Please check below the assignment section (Lab and reflection) for the related assignment.

Session 6 – June 19th, 2013 (Face-to-Face)

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras:

Lecture notes: digitalimages_1_1_1_1

Concepts of Digital Images and Photography

Concept Mapping

Lecture notes: AC230_inspiration_1

If you’d like to install a free trial version (expire in 30 days) of Inspiration at home, follow this link:

Examples in the classroom:

Session 7 – June 24th, 2013 (Face-to-Face)

Video production


Web 2.0


Session 13_Web 2.0

Session 8 – June 26th, 2013 (Face-to-Face)(Last Class)

In class exam

Presentation of your research paper.


Research Paper and Presentation (Due June 26th, class time)




Reflection #1 (Due June 7th, 11:59PM)

Please reflect on your blog (as a new post) on how new technologies are changing the way the society and the educational system work. Make sure to give examples from your experiences and add references (at least 2).
Recommended Readings:

The report examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative expression within the environment of K12 education.

Required word count > = 1000
Please read other classmates’ reflections as well and comment on at least one.
Try to use images and/or videos in your blog posts to represent your ideas or show examples.

Reflection #2 (Due June 14th, 11:59PM)

1.Bloom (1984) found students who got individualized instructions scored much higher than those who got group instructions. Therefore, students should be given personalized instructions.2.Equity issue is about whether all the learners have been given equitable learning opportunities. Students should be given equitable learning opportunities.

  • Do the above two underlined statements contradict with each other?  Why or why not?
  • How to give students equitable but individualized learning opportunities?

Post your opinions on your blog by reflecting on the readings. Respond to at least one other students’ comments with support or disagreement.

Reflection #3 (Due June 21th, 11:59PM)

Now that you played a number of educational games and reviewed the materials related to games and learning. First introduce the games that you played in your reflection and pick one that you liked the most and tell us why.Reflect on which aspects of the game you chose relate to Katie Salen’s or James Gee’s points about games and learning. Make sure to reference those two resources.

How does the games in classrooms can relate to the use of smartboards. Which cognitive learning theories may help inform you in the design of a Smartboard-based lesson plan? What about a game-based lesson plan?

Required word count > = 1000

Post your opinions on your blog by reflecting on the readings. Respond to at least one other classmate’s.

Reflection #4 (Due June 24th, 11:59PM)

This reflection will be written during the 7th class session. Please reflect on what you have learned so far in the class in terms of different technologies and their potential for learning and teaching. What is the next big technological advancement you crave to see in schools?


Session 1 Lab: Power Point (Due session 2 – June 5th, 2013)

Word document describing the lab procedure: Week_PPT
Students will present their five minute power point presentation in the second session.

Session 2 Lab: Excel Lesson Plan (Due session 3 – June 10th, 2013)

Create a lesson plan that will take advantage of excel’s affordances.

Session 3 Lab: Teaching Philosophy (Due session 4 – June 12th, 2013)

Based on the theories we learned on the 3rd session and your previous experiences , work on your teaching philosophy and post it to the appropriate page on your blog.

Session 4 Lab: Using SoftChalk to Design Interactive Learning Materials (Due session 5-June 17th, 2013)



Lab Procedure:

  1. Preview samples of web learning documents created with SoftChalk.
  2. Watch an online tutorial on what SoftChalk can do and how to create your own learning materials.
  3. Use SoftChalk to create an interactive “Assessment” page with quiz questions and activities. The total types of quiz questions and activities should be at least three (3). These quiz questions and activities should be uploaded to the SoftChalk Connect website.
  4. The URL of the resulting site from SoftConnect should be inserted as a web link to the Assessment page in EPortfolio.

Session 5 Lab: Play Games (June 17th)

In this lab, you will play some educational games and see the reflection section for the assignment.

Here are some of the links where you can find some games to play. It would be best to play a game that is in your interest area. If these are not in your interest area, please feel free to find some other games to play for the lab session. Play at least 3-4 different games that you can talk about. and

Session 6 Lab: Concept Maps in Classes (Due June 19th)

Create a lesson plan that will use concept maps as learning tools, teaching tools, diognastic tools or assessment tools. As usual, be specific about your target audience (which grade level are you teaching?), the goal of the lesson plan and how you will be using the concept maps. Then, create an expert concept map using Inspiration. Here are some examples:

Post the word document containing your lesson plan and your expert concept map under the lesson plans in your blog.

Session 7 Lab – Part 1: Web 2.0 in Classrooms

Study the different Web 2.0 tools presented in the power point and create a lesson plan that uses one or more of the Web 2.0 tool. Justify your use of these tools with learning theories (check Meaningful Learning ppt posted under Session 7).

Part 2: Video Production




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